Rob Bironas killed in car crash: Should we outlaw cars because of too many deaths in crashes?

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  • No, Cars Cannot Be Outlawed

    No, we cannot outlaw cars! To do so would plunge the country into the dark ages. People could not get where they needed to go and the country would screech to a grinding halt. There would be mass chaos and the economy would fail. Outlawing cars is both insane and impossible.

  • Uhm, what? Do you really think that's the only solution? Is that even a LOGICAL solution to the problem?

    Are we going to go through another prohibition, except with cars?
    Why is this something anyone would even consider? What are we going to do, ride bikes and horses? Do you not realize that transportation affects our society IMMENSELY? Do you know how destructive outlawing cars would be?

    ~ And do you really think outlawing cars will not result in the same or similar outcome that outlawing alcohol did? :/ ~

    Posted by: Luie
  • you need transportation

    NO!, you cannot outlaw cars beacuse of too many deaths, how would people get to places that they need to go, its usually the fault of the driver not the car that causes a vehicle crash, if people did not have cars no one would be able to go anywhere!

  • Good things from cars.

    Even though cars cause many deaths, there are lives that are saved because of cars too. Ambulances can only rush to the hospital to offer life-saving surgeries because of cars and roads. People would not be as likely to go to the doctor for preventative medicine without cars. They do some good as well as bad.

  • outlaw cars for safety

    No I do not think that we should out law cars. There should however be a vast amount more of public transportation systems to minimize the amount of cars on the roads. This is safer for every one and reduces traffic. Also there should be more driving safety classes and tests.

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