Robber shoots Good Samaritan, so man with concealed carry license shoots robber. Is access to guns responsible for increased violence?

  • Yes, access to guns is responsible for increased violence.

    Yes, access to guns is a huge contributor to increased violence. Guns will always be a huge problem in the United States. When you mix guns with a culture that is inherently violent, you are going to have a huge problem with violence. This problem can't be solved until people start finding ways to get a hold on how easy it is to get guns.

  • Yes, gun access promotes violence.

    Easy access to guns is a contributing factor to violence in our society. Nearly anyone can buy a guy if he wants one. This also includes criminals that can buy guns on the black market. America needs common sense gun control to reduce gun violence; making our society safer for people.

  • No, access to guns lowers the violence rate.

    People are going to get ahold of guns whether they are open to buy or not. If bad people have access to guns through the black market and innocent people do not have access to guns legally, do you not think it a good idea to let the innocent people access guns legally, with some form of background check? If you answer that guns should be illegal, you are part of the problem. Also, what if the military/government turned on its people, like the Founding Fathers feared would happen? Wouldn't it be convenient for the government if the citizenry was unarmed? Think again, liberal morons.

  • It keeps people safer.

    People are less likely to commit crimes in places that they know guns are around. Part of the reason that there are so many shootings in schools, churches and movie theaters, is that people know there are not guns there. We would be better off to deter crime by letting people have guns.

  • No, access to guns is not responsible for increased violence.

    There are many people in America who own guns and have only used them for hunting or target practice. People are responsible for their own actions and if someone wants a gun there are many non legal ways to obtain them. There are many other weapons that are fully accessible such as knives and even crow bars. Access to these items does not mean they will be used for violence.

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