Rock n Roll music (yes) vs. Hip Hop music (no): Which is better?

  • Yes, I wanna rock.

    I love Rock N Roll because it is way better than hip hop. Hip hop music can be sad and slow at times. There are a lot of weak love songs in hip hop music. Rock N Roll gets you in the mood to party. It is way better in my opinion.

  • Rock all the way

    I think that rock is the best because rock gives you a good tun with great real instruments and I realize that rap just has people that talk about their trashy lives and look badly on life and nothing good can come out it and that is what I hate about Rap. I think rap in itself is good but people just use it for only bad times and nothing good. While rock uses good times a lot like blink is my 1st favorite with their catchy tuns then their goofy attitude and being like kids. They say that being kids are the best. So i hope people will realize that rap is needing improvements.

  • Because its better

    It is better because we litsen to it and it is not bad like hiphop and hip hop sucks pp and smells really bad and rock is better and i still need 18 more words till i finish this and now i need just 6 more i state my case

  • Rock kicks ass

    I have nothing against rap but Rock is just something more unique unlike rap it is not limited it is free. And if you see today's R and B and hip hop Classic Rock N Roll will always be leagues and leagues ahead Rap any day. There's no comparing. The band/artist that has sold the most records in the world is The Beatles a rock band. With over a billion record sales. Well Rock N Roll definitely. You will not remember a rapper the way you remember rock N Roll artist. Nothing against rap but Rock N Roll is just better

  • Rock Is Better All Around

    When comparing these genres, It really comes down to a few key points. The first is talent. Rock artists are quite noticeably more talented. Whether they are singing or playing guitar, Bass, Drums, Or whatever it may be, The talent is there. In order to be successful, A band has to have a good singer and good instrumentalists all at the same time. Rap songs are not based on instruments, Instead using a beat which was created on a computer and often not by the rapper himself. This leads into the second point, The fact that rappers do not do much in creating their songs. As mentioned, The vast majority of rap songs do not contain real instruments, And most of the work is done on a computer. They create a catchy beat and loop it throughout the song. In terms of lyrics, Many rappers do not write their own music, And while some do, The lyrics are usually quite repetitive or basic. While some rock songs are like this as well, Most of it takes time for the lyrics to be written, As well as being sung perfectly and having the instruments accompanying these lyrics perfectly. Rappers can get away with singing in a less than perfect manner, When they can fix it with auto tune. Rock singers have to put large amounts of time and effort into perfecting their craft, While rap songs are actually quite easy to construct.

  • Rock has emotion

    Rock has always had amazing stories behind their lyrics like korn or three days grace always had amazing and emotional lyrics people think of rock as just a noise when honestly it has alot more rhythm people just have to sit down and give it a listen at least one song

  • In rock, everyone has a role

    Throughout history, everybody had a role in the band. You got the lead singer, the guitarist, the drummer and so on. While Hip Hop or rap music nobody has a role, you only make a beat that keeps going on and on and someone mumbling words that you can't understand.

  • Rock has many different styles and interpretations that you just can't find in rap music.

    The amount of emotion that is found in rock/alternative/punk/metal or whatever completely outweighs anything rap has to offer. I mean I guess there are guys like J. Cole and Joyner Lucas are really good at telling stories behind their songs, but that being said, nowadays rap doesn't take much talent if you want to be successful. All you need is someone who knows how to make a (repetitive) beat with someone who just mumbles and has popular and shitty Adolfo's.
    Rock on the other hand is all about telling a story that can be the combination of many different aspects, whether it be something simple about a girl, or something that is driven by your own beliefs (political or not) and interpretations.
    In the end its all about talent, and you can clearly tell which genre is clearly lacking.

  • Rock has more variety

    Rock has more variety and different subgenres. It uses more instruments making it more challenging but creative. Hip hop uses simple computerized instruments and is "lazier" in a sense. There are different types of rock music you can hear for your own taste. Hip hop as well but lyrically speaking is not always appropriate especially towards women and supports gang violence.

  • Rock and roll ain't noise pollution Rock and roll ain't gonna die Rock is life

    Rap is just fast talking with a bit of computers
    Rock and roll you have guitar, drums, piano, and sometimes more and it's actual music.
    When youtubers make songs they are usually rap because rap is easy to make, Rock is a lot harder to make but sooooo much better.

  • Hip hop is more empowering and it had a message before and to point still does... Rip 2pac

    Funny how a mostly white dominated genre is voted against a mostly african american based genre. Thats al i had to say. This debate is stupid. Like what you like I dont care and the world shouldnt care either. Like Nu-metal for all we care. Music is beautiful, rock is beautiful but in my opinion hip hop is more beautiful

  • Rap is needed

    I think rap is better because it is lively and more entertaining. Rock is about sad songs and just lots of loud music. People might prefer rock over rap but i like rap over rock. I can reltate to rap at times. Also rap has your slow amd your fast. If your really into rap... You would rap!

  • Hip-hop is for Everyone

    Because lots of rock is loud I think it is easier for more people to perform hip-hop and used in more occasions. 1) The young and elders can perform hip-hop due to lots of rock being louder than hip-hop. 2). Because it is easier to be low, I think more people would use hip-hop in church and parties while in rock could be most times in parties for younger people. 3) I thin 99.9% of hip-hop are love songs while lots of rock; including rap, involves violence. 4) Because hip-hop is soft while lots of rock is loud, I am absolute more countries would/does use hip-hop before rock. 4) More rock performers than hip-hop look like clowns because of the unusual clothing and PAINTED rather than makeup is used on performers' faces. 5) Then no doubt more people know and have listened to Michael Jackon's music (king of hip-hop) compared to Elvis Presley (king of rock).

  • Hip-Hop is misunderstood

    Most people who say they "hate" Hip-Hop haven't listen to much other than what is on the charts. People also just hear the curse words or drugs and automatically think it is bad, a lot of songs talk about their past/present addiction with drugs and how they are trying to quit.

    I like and respect rock music, but I get bored with hearing the chorus over and over again, the same four instruments and basic lyrics.

    Hip-Hop is know for it's lyrics, which is why I don't like most of the music on the charts. You may have to listen to each line before you really get the meaning, or you may never get it until someone points it out.

    If you think all Hip-Hop has a bad message then you are either listening to the wrong artists, or you are misunderstanding the lyrics.

    I would say that most rappers (that are actually good) write their own lyrics, I would say a majority of popular rock bands/singers don't such as Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Elvis and more. I'm not saying that these artists are bad, but you would be surprised about how many don't write their own music.

    Hip-Hop lyrics are "3 dimensional" they use metaphors, smilies, play on words, personification and a lot more poetic devices.

  • Hip hop 4ever

    Hip hop has more efficient lines and not all songs are about the ghetto or gangs like the bloods and crips it has lyrical like expressing yourself and violence against woman and rocks just a mess and jumble of noise and gets you in the mood
    no rock and roll

  • A "BIG" NO that Hip Hop is not even close to Rock and Roll.

    We have titles for the awards given. Such as, MTV music awards which has all types of music., Country music, Bet music awards (where's Rock and Roll in there?) and many other types of awards. We need to keep the awards separated for what they represent. Rock and Roll is not even close to Hip Hop.

  • Hippedy Hoppedy rap

    Rap can be lively at times, yet sad at other times. It goes well to r&b, jazz, pop, soul, funk and even rock. Everybody can jam to hip hop whether old school like run dmc or southern like ludacris and outkast. Rock is ok but it's only lively in a horror core way.

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