Rodrigo Duterte suspends war on drugs in Philippines: Will corruption in Philippines ever come to an end?

  • Yes, it is possible for corruption to come to an end in the Philippines with suspending the war on drugs.

    The Philippines can end the corruption by taking the steps it has done to cleanse the very organization that is leading the country's war on drugs. When they recognized the corruption within the very task-force for eliminating drugs it is perhaps the first step. While it's true they have an extremely long way to go and an uphill battle, it must start from the inside and rid itself of the corruption. The Philippines must stand against the drugs that have taken over the country. But it will need to do whatever it takes to bring to justice those that have used the war on drugs as their own ways of completing murder and other illegal acts. The Country's police force has taken the right steps for it to come to an end in the future.

  • Yes, when the will is there.

    Yes, I'm certain that the people of the Philippines want government corruption to end. It will end when there is a strong enough will on the part of government officials and the population. The islands have been hit by a lot of catastrophes that have caused greater poverty for the people. When some of these issues are resolved and the people are empowered again, then corruption will end.

  • No, it will not.

    President Duterte of the Phillipines will not likely end the corruption plaguing his country. Duterte is one of the most corrupt leaders the Philippines has ever had. Unfortunately, the country's leaders will continue to act unethical and violate many laws. The only hope is that the voters in the Philippines can vote out Duterte.

  • There is too much.

    There is so much corruption in the Philippines it seems like an impossible job to fix. It doesn't seem like there's even a good way to start to tackle it. The people are corrupt and there are a lot of gangs, but the police and the government are no better, so the problems are going to last.

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