• It will be hard, But nothing good ever is.

    To me, Abortion is murder called by a different name. It's hard to look at someone and say "you have to suffer for nine months" but the other option is even worse.
    Who knows how many people we have already killed? What if an abortion done yesterday just kill the child who was going to cure cancer? What if we just killed the child who was going to end all wars and unite the planet? We lose so much potential with every abortion.

  • Abortion is immoral

    I believe abortion is immoral and should not be endorsed by any developed nation's legislature. Roe v Wade allows women control over a human life that is not their own, And, In conjunction with Griswold v Connecticut, Almost seems to encourage the termination of an unwanted pregnancy. This kind of objectification and devaluation of human life can not exist in the United States.

  • Replace activists judges.

    It is a judges job to interpret the existing law. It is the job of congress to create laws. Problem is, People in congress are too worried about public opinion to make a stand and either create or repeal a law. If we look at the issue of abortion. Hypothetically, Your a congressman/woman who supports abortion but it's not likely that all those who put you in congress back it too. This means you could loose the next election because you helped create a bill or showing support for it. Seeing that you need the majority of house and senate, You need hundreds of other people in congress to take the same risk. This is why many of them want activist judges. A supreme court judge is a lifetime position so they don't need to worry about being reelected. Because there is only 9 of them, You only need to get 4 more to agree. Tho this may be fine when interpreting existing law, They do not represent the opinions of all people, Just those who appointed them and laws should be created by the representatives of the people and not just who was president at the time.
    We should replace activist judges with constitutional judges and force our representatives to actually take risks and do their job.

  • Roe v Wade has caused genocide

    No matter which way you put it, Abortion is murder because you're killing a living human being, Separate from the mother, That has committed no crime and will soon be able to live on its own thereby forcibly preventing a baby from getting a chance at life. Plus, Ever since the decision was made, Millions of unborn babies in America were murdered, A number out of which a disproportionate amount were non-white.

  • Abortion is murder!

    I am obviously pro-life. But I am also pro-choice. The woman can choose whether or not to have sex, Use a condom, Or use birth control. The pro-murder side may say what about rape, And I say first of all less than 1% of abortions are because of rape, And also, Does that mean the people born of rape are less human? No. I think it is a disgrace that you can kill a child for any reason except if the mother's life is in danger, And in that case, It would be a miscarriage, Not an abortion.

  • The counter arguments quickly become radical.

    Usually, When I debate this issue, The person who disagrees with me will not debate wheter the baby is a life, Instead, They end up resorting to the argument: "the fetus, Being born in poverty, Will live a life of suffering". Yes, Maybe it will, Yet that is a red herring. The babies probable future living conditions in no way justify killing it. If the very life of that baby is debated, Then there is plenty of room for dissagrement and civil discussion, However tense it may be, But skipping the "life" issue and jumping to the aformentioned argument surrounding living conditions is radically dangerous. This way of thinking can be applied to a multitude of cases. Does being pregnant with a child with down syndrome justify ending its life? Hitler thought so. The founder of planned parenthood, Margaret Sanger, Also used a form of this logic. She explained: "Birth control is nothing more or less than…weeding out the unfit" and "We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. ”

    Many of the radical arguments for abortion are radical dystopian ideologies that have no place in the United States of America, Or in the rest of the world.

  • This isnt even an issue for government

    It is a very personal issue that should not even be part of the government perview thats the way it used to be viewed 150 years ago when it was legal and not even bothered with, The only reason it became a thing were two events womens sufferage, Abortion was seen as a way to keep women in their place, Medical advancments made gving birth a lot safer, Making abortion no longer a necessity in many cases to save the womens life, Most wone died in child birth its still dangerous

  • Ultimately, You are in control of your own body

    The life of the baby is dependent on the mother, Entirely.

    People have a right to all decisions, And control over anything to do with their own body.

    If you are demanding that a mother give birth to the child, And of course raise it for the next 18-50 years, And she cannot make her own decision, Than you are for the state telling you what you can do with your own body.

    In what cases is anyone OK with the government controlling a persons body. Are you really willing to give up the right to make your own decisions about your own life?

  • Really? Y'all need to stop and think.

    So, Would you rather see back alley abortions and have people dying from having to get them? What about those who were raped? What about cases where women really need them (e. G. Life or death)? How about the fact that women are people and have the right to their own decisions? How about some women would rather terminate a bundle of cells than deal with a baby who could come out dead if carried to term? Furthermore, Medically speaking, A fetus isn't a baby until it can sustain itself outside the womb. There's a lot more to people getting abortions than just the "hurr durr, Money and i'm irresponsible" narrative that some news sources and other opinion sources just spit out. There's a variety of reasons for getting them, But it's not just "i don't want to deal with a kid and i'm irresponsible", There's other factors. Just so y'all know, Adoption doesn't always work. Abortion can sometimes be a necessary "evil", And you shouldn't punish people for them (like alabama's wanting to do with a bill). All in all, If you're for personal freedom and rights, Then you should be for roe v. Wade.

  • It's a woman's right

    Many people have wrong assumptions about women who get abortions. It seems that the common consensus among pro-lifers is that Roe v. Wade allows women to get an abortion on a whim when in reality it's a heartbreaking decision that is not easy for any woman to make. Sometimes abortion is a medically necessary procedure, Such as when a woman finds out that she will pass away if her pregnancy goes to full term and gives birth. In addition, If a woman finds out that her baby will be so deformed to the point that it will only live for a few seconds outside the womb or will die during the birth, Then she should be allowed to have an abortion to save her baby from any physical pain and herself from psychological trauma of being forced to have a stillborn baby. Also, If a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, She should not be forced to have that burden of being pregnant with her rapist's baby. I'll admit that I don't like abortion, But I do not feel comfortable making decisions for other women. It is an entirely private decision between a woman and her doctor. The government should have no right to dictate what a woman does with her body because it is no one's business but hers. It would be a human rights violation for a woman to be forced to carry an potentially deadly/unwanted pregnancy to full term.

  • Just say you're a control freak and move on

    Honestly if you think for even a second you have the right to say or even have an opinion in a woman's choices about their body, Such as abortion, You're a control freak, Simple as that. I don't care what your view is, It is not your body, So stop trying to control it. You can hate abortions all you want, But that doesn't mean you should take away another persons right to it. If you don't like abortions don't have one simple as that, But stop trying to take away another persons access to it, That is their right as a human being to make that decision for themselves. And don't try to say "Well what about the baby doesn't the baby have the option to choose" first of all who makes decisions for the baby for years even until their 18? The parents. So stop acting like you think you're doing the right thing because you aren't.

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