Roe vs. Wade scrutiny: Will Trump and his desire for a pro-life Supreme Court become a real threat to reproductive rights?

  • Yes, there is a threat to reproductive rights under Trump

    The political message under the Trump presidency will follow the pro-life agenda. The appointment of Supreme Court Justices plus repealing laws may be the tools to implement the pro-life message. There will also be an effort to control or restrict funding of Planned Parenthood locations. The are some serious set backs possible under the new Trump era.

  • All talk and no action

    No I don't agree that Donald Trump will be a threat to reproductive rights. I feel like it has become the norm for politicians, especially those running for office to make promises that they have no intention to keep or that they can't fulfill within their term. I don't know how much of what Trump has said will actually come into fruition.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Trump himself has flip-flopped on abortion, so anything he said in the past should be taken with a grain of salt. Any federal action on abortion comes in addition to the obstacles that local authorities have been creating at a state level in recent years. For example, various states have passed legislation cutting off Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood, and revoking clinics’ abortion licenses.

  • Roe vs. Wade is here to stay

    First off, Trump's desire for the a pro-life Supreme Court was voiced during the presidential debates. Much of what the president-elect has stated since winning the election has been to backtrack on much of his previous promises, so it is still in the air whether he plans on keeping this debate promise. Secondly the Supreme Court is there to uphold the constitution, not push party agendas.

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