Rolling Stone has apologized for its poorly sourced article "A Rape on Campus:" Is this enough?

  • Yes, Rolling Stone's apology is sufficient.

    There has naturally been a certain amount of uproar over Rolling Stone's recent admission of a substantial error in its previous reporting. On one hand, we should certainly hold our media to a high standard of veracity, and hence this outrage is justified. On the other hand, many of the media outlets most voraciously reprimanding Rolling Stone, such as Fox News, are themselves known to have made more than a few serious errors in their reporting. The fact is, when a hot story is a commodity as it is in our present media landscape, we will always run the risk of getting it wrong, no matter which media outlet it is we're talking about.

  • No, It Really Isn't

    Rolling Stone isn't exactly held to the same standards as some other, more reputable magazines; but they should undoubtedly do more to make amends in this scenario. Because of the story they posted, the fraternity members, the organization, and the school itself have all suffered massive blows to their reputation. Rolling Stone's editor should immediately dismiss the author of the article, and that author should be forced to publicly apologize and retract all the negative press that has been published against UVA and the fraternity. Furthermore, the author should reveal the source of the article so that the fraudulent accuser may be brought to justice. This is serious, and this false case takes credibility away from the thousands, if not millions, of legitimate rape cases that should be addressed.

    The "victim" should be punished, the author should be punished, the editor should know better, and the magazine should use this case for future reference.

  • Magazines have a social responsibility

    Headlines make news, but irresponsible journalism can damage reputations. The magazine should know better and also knew the effect it would have and should have never run with that headline or article in the first place. Perhaps they need to step up and set more of an example to other publications?

  • The author of the Rolling Stone article, "A Rape on Campus", deserves punishment.

    The author of the Rolling Stone article, "A Rape on Campus", should be fired. She was highly irresponsible in her lack of sourcing. She is just another example of how journalism in this country has fallen apart. It seems like every media outlet is solely interested in getting the scoop and no one is worried about properly reporting anything.

  • Heads Need To Roll

    This was irresponsible click-bait journalism at its worst. There was no fact-checking. There was no requests for the other side of the story from the accused and the fraternity. There was no requests for follow-up with the victim's friends. It is extremely likely that something terrible happened to that poor girl, yet all anyone will remember is that the story reported was flawed. The reporter, the editor, and the editor-in-chief need to be told to find other employment.

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