• Rolling Stone's praise of Louis C.K. is deserved

    Louis C.K. deserves the praise he is receiving from Rolling Stone. He took a big risk by criticizing Donald Trump. His audience could very well be offended. Trump can also be vindictive and turn his anger towards the comedian. This could impact his earnings and career. When someone speaks honestly and takes that risk, he should be held up as an example.

  • Yes he deserves it

    Louis C.K is a is an American comedian, actor, writer, producer, director, and editorHe is the creator, star, writer, director, executive producer, and primary editor of the acclaimed FX comedy-drama series Louie. C.K. is known for his use of observational, self-deprecating, dark and vulgar humor in his stand-up career. There are many people who are his fans.

  • He's pretty funny

    Doing comedy well is pretty hard, and Louis C.K. is funnier than most. What's funny is that you can tell in his comedy before he was divorced and after, based on the stuff that he talks about. Louis has a way of connecting with the audience because he's upfront about the fact that he's a gross, middle aged man. So he deserves praise.

  • No, He does not deserve praise from Rolling Stone.

    Comedian Louis C.K. does not deserve the praise he received from Rolling S tone magazine. He is a mediocre comedian that has had a lackluster career. He often speaks about his drug habits and promotes them as fun things to do. This can be a bad influence for children and for these reasons he should not be praised.

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