Rolling Stone's UVA rape article: Should writers at Rolling Stones Magazine be held accountable for the story?

  • Of Course They Should!

    Being able to reach such a wide audience comes with responsibility. Rolling Stone published a scathing attack on the UVA Administration and the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. The least they could do is make a reasonable effort to verify the facts of the story before publishing such a shocking account.

  • Rolling Stone should be held accountable.

    Freedom of press is one thing but I feel Rolling Stone overstepped with their coverage of the UVA rape story. On the flip side the editor offering to resign was a bit too far in my opinion. It was his duty to make sure the story was told and not everyone would be in favor of it of course but a resignation was a bit much. In the future I think they will be more careful with how and what they report.

  • The writers should be held accountable.

    If you are a writer for a magazine like Rolling Stone, you should be able to get all the facts and deliver them in an article in a correct manner. If you make a mistake it should be owned up to and a victim should never be blamed, even if there are questions about her story.

  • yes they should

    Um, if they wrote it then yea, they should be held accountable for the story. I mean, who else is going to be held accountable? It wouldn't make any sense to hold some one else to it. A writer should always be held accountable for the work they present to the public

  • The people should be held acountable.

    Absolutely not, the accountability lies with the readers and the rest of the media for contributing to, or creating issues just to sell magazines or get higher ratings on there garbage news channel. The people are to be held accountable for continuing to talk about, write about, and encourage it.

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