Roma nation: Should the Roma be officially recognized as a non-territorial nation?

  • Non territorial secession

    Diverse communities, clubs, associations, organizations, federations and nations can live together in the same area.
    Individual members of any groups may choose to reside in different places, without being obliged to join any group because they live in a specific area and without being forced to move if they choose to belong to a different group.
    Any group might decide to limit or revoke membership, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that any person has to relocate. Groups and nations do not need to have exclusive use of an entire geographical area and do not need to be defined by sharply demarcated boundaries with contiguous properties.
    Organized communities with dispersed membership can make their own decisions about leadership, representation, rules, enforcement and adjudication, based on the preferences of the participants and with their voluntary consent. Self-governing groups can coexist without mandatory membership and without imposing their decisions on any people living in the same area who may choose to associate with different groups.
    Self-identified nations, whether large or small, do not inevitably need to claim territorial sovereignty and jurisdiction within restrictive geopolitical borders, and do not need to have complete control over whole regions.
    Organized groups may also provide services but they do not need to have exclusive territorial control for the provision of services
    Numerous groups and nations can coexist without any coercive territorial monopolies, mandatory membership, or imposed political and legal systems.
    Our decisions about group affiliation can be made without imposing our preferences on anyone else, and without forcing anyone to move or preventing anyone from moving to another location.
    Diverse communities can coexist in any geographic area for the mutual benefit of all voluntary participants at their own risk and expense, without claiming exclusive territorial control.

  • Yes it should.

    Roma definitely should be officially recognized as a non-territorial nation because there are many people who identify themselves as Roma. This alone should allow it to be recognized. They may not have any land to themselves but that really doesn't matter. As long as there is enough people, they should be recognized.

  • No need for the Nation

    The Roma nation should not be recognized as a non territorial nation. It is simply an attempt of a select group of individuals to gain more power. With no land and no people to preside over there is no need for them to gain any power as a nation of any type.

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