Roman coins found in Japan: Was the Roman Empire larger than experts ever imagined?

  • The extent of the Roman Empire continues to grow

    It's been said that "all roads lead to Rome," and new evidence suggests that those roads traveled farther and wider than originally thought. For example, Roman coins were recently found in Japan. This indicates that the Roman Empire had at least some kind of presence in a part of the world that we never even guessed that they had traveled to.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The archeologist found that the Ottoman coin had inscriptions that dated it to 1687, while the Roman coins appeared to be much older -- from at least 300 to 400 AD. It's hard to tell where exactly these coins came from, Masaki Yukou, a spokesperson from Uruma city's Board of Education, told CNN.

  • The Roman empire was larger than experts expected

    The Roman empire was massive and I think the lines that encompassed it were more blurred then they are sometimes made out to be. The line between boarders is not always marked with a wall. If Romans traded with Japan in ancient times, then they at least had some influence there.

  • Yes, the Roman Empire was larger than imagined.

    The Roman Empire was the greatest empire in the history of the world. It was likely that the Romans were larger than historians previously imagined. Roman coins have been found in Japan, which means that the empire must have had a significant sphere of influence that reached into the Far East.

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