• Libertarian economics are a farse.

    Laissez faire economics have been proven time and again to be terrible for the common person. Ron Paul doesn't understand economics if he advocates for the unrestricted free market. Such a thing can't exist. Any "free" market will last only as long as it takes for the private companies to buy the politicians, laws, and governments and push for laws and regulations to benefit them. In a true free market, everything is for sale, including the politicians, meaning you need to prevent the private industries from obtaining or exercising that power.

    Bernie supported the bombing in order to stop the ethnic cleansing. In addition, it was a NATO action rather than a unilateral US "world policeman" action. Bernie is a social democrat, not a communist. Communism isn't what you think it is; the former USSR and present China are/were authoritarian state capitalist counties, not communist ones. They had the state operating the capitalist aperatii instead of allowing private interests to do it, and modern China has moved more and more towards (state sanctioned) private industry.

    Many of Bernies policies are ones which have already been enacted in essentially every other first world country on Earth, meaning that not only are they not radical, he is advocating them based on a proven track record.

    Ron Paul isn't any more than a pipe dream by naive people who can't see that libertarianism is simply the rich attempting to become even richer and dupeing the common people into voting for it.

  • Ron Paul Supports ALL Forms Of Liberty

    Ron Paul understands the need for both social and fiscal liberty. Bernie doesn't even support either. While Bernie claims to be for liberty, he time and time again as been an interventionalist. He supported the US bombing Yugoslavia, while Paul championed to end the era of the US being the world policeman. Ron Paul understands complex economic theory while Bernie Sanders is still stuck thinking that communism is a good idea. That's why Ron Paul is America's last hope.

  • Ron Paul has no sympathy. Bernie cares for the middle class.

    When Ron was asked if uninsured should be allowed to die, he said "That's what freedom is all about, taking your own risks." He didn't find a problem that his campaign manager was billed 400K in a hospital.
    Bernie wants to end the international embarrassment that the US is the only major. Industrial nation without universal health care. The only nation that doesn't have maternity leave benefits, doesn't have vacation benefits. Many think that these ideas would bankrupt the country but that's not true. The US has a huge debt and median income has decreased. US has very poor education system.

  • Bernie Sanders is horrible.

    In 2012, he was not only a libertarian, but also brought it to the mainstream. Bernie Sanders isn't for freedom at all, really. He doesn't want people to protect themselves, wants very high minimum wage, and wants free health care. Sanders supporters often use the argument of "It's embarrassing that we don't have universal health care. All of the other countries are laughing at us, practically." But in reality, free health care is highly destructive, and I personally would be embarrassed if I was a Canadian citizen that knew that since health care for animals was privatized, they got BETTER health care than people did! And first of all, universal health care is not "free." It's actually more expensive for everyone. Second of all, shouldn't what kind of health care you're getting be a choice? Advances in medicine and health care are advanced by competition from PRIVATE companies. If I have more money, why should I have to get crappy health care? Lastly, Sanders supports abortion, the most anti-choice and freedom killing thing there is. People say it should be a "right to chose." This is ridiculous. What about the fetus? Sanders says " It hasn't developed into a human being yet." But, really, it is a human being. Using that logic, you should be able to kill a mentally disabled person for not being developed.

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