• Look at Obama

    Obama was a terrible failure. Drone strikes, a continued war on drugs, economic issues, NSA spying. The deficit has been sustained too. I could understand how the economy is not primarily his fault but he kept it going for longer than needed. The Obamacare roll-out was very funny to watch (I'm not American). Ron Paul has pretty much stayed consistent with his beliefs of a small, non-intrusive government. If he were elected the deficit would be much lower (due to massive spending cuts) making the country better long term.

  • Ron Paul for President

    Yes, Ron Paul should have been elected president over Barack Obama. Ron Paul is a man of both the people and the Constitution. He believes in checks against the power of the president that Barack Obama has proven to not believe in. Paul surely would have dismantled the NSA, rather than embraced its techniques.

  • Ron Paul is the man

    I used to think Obama was someting new and different but now I see that he is just like all the others. Ron Paul wants to fight the Federal reserve, make weed legal, and have government answer to the people. I am not a republican and I do disagree with him on some social issues but his politics are spot on

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