• Yes. It would be unacceptable to disregard a piece of history just because it might make us uncomfortable.

    The story behind Rosemary Kennedy is no doubt one that occurred in other places before as well, though surely other families did not have the connections, the wealth, or the social pressures that the Kennedy family did. Her story sheds light on some of the things that were brought to light among the social circles of the political elite. While hers may not be the most lighthearted slice of history out there, it is always important to take stock of such incidents so we have a better chance of preventing them the next time.

  • She is an interesting figure.

    Yes, we should study more about Rosemary Kennedy in history class, because she was an interesting woman that contributed a lot to society. Kennedy was an interesting member of the Kennedy clan, because she was not as athletic as her other siblings. She had a failed surgery that gave her problems. Society can learn from her struggles.

  • Yes, we should study more about Rosemary Kennedy in history classes.

    Yes, we should study more about Rosemary Kennedy in history classes. Rosemary Kennedy was an integral part of an iconic American political family. Her contributions to her relatives' ability to rise to prominence should not be ignored. It is also important to start recognizing the important women in our country's past.

  • Rosemary Kennedy's story is a tragedy that studying in history is unlikely to alleviate.

    While it would be helpful to examine how mental illness was once treated in this and other countries, the story of Rosemary Kennedy provides very little benefit over what we now know. She may be a famous example of how mental illness was once treated, but is far from the exception. Given what we now know about mental illnesses, their origins and treatments, what can be gained by studying her more.. It demonizes her family and shines a spot light on a part of our history that is best left in the dark.

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