Rotherham abuse trial: Are international laws pertaining to victims of abuse too lax?

  • They have a long way to go, it's a very complicated matter

    I think international law has a very long way to go with regards to victims of abuse, specially children. I do agree that it is a difficult matter to deal with, as different cultures have different ideas of what abuse constitutes, and how to fairly punish it. Proof of that is that some countries allow 10 year olds to get married

  • Yes, international laws concerning victims' rights are too lax.

    Any country that allows a victim to be mistreated, threatened or coaxed is too lenient in their victim protection laws. There is no reason why a victim of abuse should have to continue to be victimised by their abuser, not should they be allowed to be threatened by police, nor coxed into withdrawing testimony, and the laws that allow these things to happen need to be tightened.

  • I believe that punishment for abuse should be higher, no matter where it is.

    Abuse is a horrible crime that can leave the victim feeling hurt, traumatised, and sometimes even with physical remainders of what happened to them. With that being said, I think that punishment for said crimes should be very high, especially since there are actual human lives involves. People shouldn't be able to just get off with abuse, no matter what country they are in.

  • Stricter laws needed for child abuse cases

    The delicate nature of children requires a stricter set of laws to protect their innocence and vulnerability. Children are easy victims of sexual abuse and kidnapping and we need to strengthen the international laws to prevent and enforce severe penalties. The easy of global travel makes this an international issue that all countries should be willing to participate.

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