• Speak, but Doesn't Have To Be Heard

    As most will claim, "everyone has a right to speak" or "Freedom of Speech", and this case is no different. Just because someone is allowed to speak doesn't mean their words that they choose will help their case, and in turn could possibly hurt their case. When you speak to others you never know how it is interpreted in their heads. So, you can speak, but that means others thoughts may be tainted anyway.

  • I do think she should be allowed to speak.

    Being silences is horrible and I don't think that anyone should have to go through that, this woman included. She shouldn't be silenced for being a snitch. That's just wrong. Sometimes being a snitch is the best thing that could happen to someone or some situation, especially if they are telling about abuse or neglect.

  • She's brave for speaking out, so let her

    What a brave lady for speaking out! The social workers involved have a lot to answer for. If they do now allow her to tell her story, then this should qualify as obstruction of justice, which is against the law. Our society must do everything possible to protect children, so that they will be adjusted adults.

  • Woman pressured to not speak of abuse

    The government's justice system is the very last thing you should expect to be trying to silence a woman for speaking out against the abuse she has experienced. It shouldn't even be a matter of being "allowed" to speak, but rather the justice system should focus on finding the complete truth.

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