• Round Pizza is better in many ways

    1) It's authentic
    2) It's easier to divide into equal pieces
    3) It's easier to eat because although the first bite may be hard but eventually it gets sturdier
    4) On every single slice you have crust
    5) It's fun to toss pizza into a perfect circle
    6) According to Pythagoras, Circles are divine

    These are 6 reasons that round pizzas are better

    Fun Fact: Every year there is a pizza championship, And all the winners were. . . Round pizzas.
    Hehe ;P

  • How its meant to be

    To be fair I will eat whatever shape pizza I don't really mind. However when you think of pizza you always think of the triangles that come from circles. 🍕 look even emojis agree that circle is better.

    Circles also provide an equal balance for each slice, For square pizza some slices have crust on two sides and pieces in the middle not having any crust on the edges. Its just not balanced

  • It depends on the person.

    I personally like the crust. So I prefer buying square pizzas, Because they tend to have more crust. Squares are easier to divide into equal pieces. There is always that one small pizza slice, And that one large pizza slice, And it is very hard to make it even. Squares are a lot easier to make equal than triangles.

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