Rubio Rejects Climate Change: Do you agree with Marco Rubio's claim that acting on climate change will ruin the US economy?

  • We need energy

    Nothing wrong with solar and wind energy, but just is not viable to replace other forms yet. Maybe in another 100 years or so. Is there climate change, yes, there always has been. But we have failed to see the disasters predicted over the last 25 years. It won't do any good for developed countries to economically kill themselves if China, India, and other newly developing countries continue to increase their pollution. How about nuclear, we can launch the spent fuel rods to the sun. Big boost for private space companies, and much cleaner for the planet.

  • Rubio is just saying things

    I don't even understand how that comment makes sense. How can climate change ruin an economy? In reality, being more interested in climate change might help us save the planet, which our economy is part of. Isn't that really what we shold be worrying about. No planet = no economy.

  • Jobs are jobs

    If America is the world leader in clean renewable energy then how could you possibly think that the labor that provides would be bad for our economy? That just doesn't make sense. Not acting on climate change won't really hurt the economy, but acting on it won't either. C'mon Rubio. Your just holding Cruz back.

  • Profit Fuels Rubios Rejection of Climate Change

    Marco Rubio's driving force behind climate change is profit and the loss of it. Instead of focusing on renewable energy, a source of energy that has an infinite source of power, he focuses on coal and fracking as sources of energy, both finite resources. Instead of focusing on the profit potential of renewable sources, he denies climate change because of his relationships with the heads of companies that have a lot to lose if he didn't deny the reality of climate change.

  • It's complete hogwash.

    The Republicans are completely completely full of it. Ends are supposed to justify the means, not the other way around. All Republicans seem to care about is money and then an element expects people to subscribe to their narrow minded social beliefs. Practical government wouldn't focus on the dollars as much as what's more important: the ability for us to live and thrive on this planet of ours.

  • Mario Rubio is incorrect on environmental matters.

    The idea that the US economy cannot cope with a move towards green industries is completely disingenuous, particularly as the US is not overly dependent on high-pollutant industries. Furthermore, the effects of climate change, which we have seen in New Orleans are dangerous to the US as a whole. The cost that damage to infrastructure, property and life will be far more in the long-term.

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