Rudy Giuliani has raised questions about Hillary Clinton's health. Should a campaign make a claim about health when it has no expertise?

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  • Rudy Guiliani is full of shit 100% of the time

    The very fact that he's peddling this ridiculous narrative of Clinton's health being impaired just comes off as a despareate, last ditch attempt to discredit her when the American people care less and less about her email scandal or the Benghazi incident. People are able to seperate the wheat from the bullshit and Guiliani's not fooling anyone.

  • It seems pointless to talk about someone's health if you're not a doctor.

    I think that saying things about Hillary's health without actually being a doctor is basically the same thing as making fun of someone for their looks. It is like saying she looks tired or overweight. I imagine this is a physically draining time to be Hillary Clinton so I also don't think he is delivering important or shocking news by suggesting she might be forgetting about her health.

  • It is all bluster

    There is no indication that Hillary Clinton has health problems, in fact her doctors have said this idea is hogwash. Republicans are grasping at straws, and don't seem to realize just how desperate it makes them look. This is like the birth certificate issue with Obama, nothing but a useless distraction.

  • No, they should not.

    Rudy Guliani's claims about Hillary Clinton's health are purely speculative, but many people will not see it that way. It is not fair or responsible for him to make claims about her health. But he is a free citizen and can say whatever he would like under the second amendment.

  • No, another campaign should not raise the issue of health.

    The Trump campaign and its surrogates should not be raising any health questions about Hillary Clinton. Yes, the American people should know Hillary's health status, however, it is up to the Clinton campaign to make those disclosures. The Trump campaign has no expertise on Clinton's health. Therefore, any health concerns should be addressed by the Clinton campaign and her doctors.

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