Rupert Murdoch's News Corp bought APN regional papers for $37 million. Is Murdoch still making astute decisions?

  • Yes, Rupert Murdoch is still making astute decisions

    Yes, Rupert Murdoch is still making astute decisions. An a new proprietor, Rupert Murdoch is able to make very sound business decisions. He is worth almost $13 billion so he has great advisers. Murdoch acquired 72 regional newspapers for $37 million. From this, one can only assume that this is the appropriate value for this acquisition.

  • Murdoch is taking wise steps to preserve his media empire

    Rupert Murdoch is perhaps best known for running News Corp and for being involved with 20th Century Fox. Now, he is looking to expand his holdings by buying the regional papers run by APN, an Australian media network. This is a smart move for Murdoch because it means that he now can control another slice of the global media pie.

  • Yes, Murdoch is still making astute decisions.

    Rupert Murdoch is one of the most brilliant men in business and media. Murdoch saw a market in the United States that was not served with a style of news that many wanted. He used his business genius to build a media empire, including the number one cable news channel. In short, Rupert Murdoch is still making astute decisions.

  • He's got enough money.

    Rupert Murdoch has the money and the means to do whatever he wants. If he falls flat on this deal then he's got several other money making ventures that will continue to make him money. The guy has nothing to worry about because Fox News will be around forever and he'll continue to make money no matter what.

  • He is a right wing dingbat so by definition, no.

    All Murdoch's acquisitions in media are for one purpose, to be mouth pieces for his type of right wing political propaganda. He is part of the reason intolerance and hate are on the rise such is his control of media in the English speaking world. Wrath sells, sandwiched between two huge slices of bile.

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