• The Great White Whale

    Over the years Rush Limbaugh has experienced extreme highs and lows of being in the public sphere. What has been consistent no matter what views on political theater is his weight management. Whether it be from prescribed medications to over indulgence of the fruits of life. There seems to be a lack of control in that one area of a physical and mental healthy lifestyle. No matter what party line a balanced approach to healthy living is the winning vote.

  • He is not pretty to look at:

    If you want to be fat go ahead but please do not go in front of a camera. He has no sexy, he has no zesty, he has no cute, so why would he wound everyone's eyes with his face and his belly and his jowls and his stubby ... Everything.

  • Yes, but so are many people in the US.

    Rush Limbaugh is like so many in the United States in that he is too fat and indulges himself too much in many areas. However, one should not make fun of people who are obese unless they hold themselves up as judges of others. He does this and so it is fine to judge him.

  • Too fat for what?

    Is Rush Limbaugh too fat? Too fat for what? And whose business is it anyway? Rush Limbaugh is a public figure so it follows that his business is everyone elses business. Is he overweight? Yes, no doubt about it, he could lose a few pounds. Is it any of my business, or anyone elses? No.

  • Rush Limbaugh weight

    I do not think that Rush Limbaugh is too fat. Weight is a personal issue. There could be many different reasons and factors that a person weighs the amount that they do. If someone were to be so obese that they can not walk or get out of a seat than they are too fat.

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