Rush Limbaugh: U.S. officials view Ebola in America as "payback" for slavery: Do you agree?

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  • I don't agree that Eboly is payback for slavery..

    Although what happened years ago was horrible and cruel, I don't think Ebola has come back with vengeance... Realistically this virus has been around for many years and now, sadly, we have come to the realization that we don't have a good treatment for it and that we weren't ready. Ebola is a virus like any other, I don't think it was "planted" for revenge.

  • No, it is a disconnected subject

    Slavery has gone on throughout the years, it is not linked to the Ebola virus. They should stop procrastinating or trying in their own way to think deeply about this situation as slavery & Ebola have no connection & each are totally disconnected from each other. If their really was payback for slavery it would not come in the form of a virus, it would come in the form of new government reforms & more slaves speaking out about their so called "masters" or abductors.

  • No, I don't believe that ebola in America should be viewed as "payback" for slavery.

    I disagree because I don't think anyone in their right mind would do what they could for someone else to catch Ebola. I really just think it is an extremely unfortunate thing going on in the world right now. I really don't think anyone should view it as payback for anything, especially for slavery.

  • No, U.S. officials don't view Ebola as payback.

    Everyone knows that Rush Limbaugh has a history of saying inflammatory things to get some attention, and thus money. Whatever potentially offensive thing he says can be dismissed as invented, and recognized for his ability to increase his advertising revenue. There is no way people think that ebola is payback for slavery.

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