Russell Brand: Philip Seymour Hoffman is a victim of poor drug laws. Do you agree?

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  • If you want drugs, you can find them

    Philip Seymour Hoffman would have been able to get his drugs no matter how strict the drug laws are. In today's society with Facebook, Twitter, texting, etc. If you need something, you can find someone that can help you. Even if drug laws were more strict, there would still be people dealing drugs and Philip Seymour Hoffman would have found a way.

  • Hoffman is a victim only of his own choices

    Hoffman is not a victim of poor drug laws but a victim of his own poorly made choices. To say that drug laws are at fault is to alleviate the user of any personal responsibility for their own actions. Someone needs to stand up for ethical behavior and blame users rather than scapegoat the "system."

  • No I don't.

    I do not think that Philip Seymour Hoffman is a victim of poor drug laws. I think that bad things happen to people and it sucks and we want to blame and point fingers to things, but I think our drug laws are fine. They are done well people just disobey them.

  • Hoffman A Victim of Addiction

    I do not believe Philip Seymour Hoffman is the victim of poor drug laws. Blaming Hoffman's death on poor drug laws is ridiculous. Hoffman struggled with drug addiction, he had been clean for over twenty years when he started using again. Laws should not be used to protect people, it defeats the purpose of laws. Stricter drug laws wouldn't have saved him.

  • He chose to use.

    No, Philip Seymour Hoffman is not a victim of poor drug laws, because no one held a gun to his head and made him use drugs. Ultimately, the person who makes the decision to use drugs and then use them again is the one responsible for their poor choices. Hoffman made his own decision to use and ultimately paid with his life.

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