Russell Howard's A Gert Lush Christmas: Does it bring Christmas joy or is it a lump of coal?

  • Russell Howard's A Gert Lush Christmas Is a Good Dose of Holiday Cheer

    The holiday season certainly has no shortage of television and theatrical productions vying for a place among the list of hallowed seasonal favorites. The fact is that few make it and most folks are quite happy to watch their traditional picks year after year. But Russell Howard's A Gert Lush Christmas might well have turned the trick. Howard's Christmas special offers just the right blend of comedy and drama to qualify as a joyful presentation worth watching at least once a year.

  • Howard's A Gert Lush Christmas is a lump of coal.

    While some may appreciate the adult humor of Howard's new Christmas film, A Gert Lush Christmas, it is not the heart-warming holiday film most families look for this time of year. There are plenty of off-color and sexually suggestive films to keep us laughing, and cringing, all year long, but Christmas is a time we choose to watch movies that are appropriate for the entire family, grandparents and children included. If you're looking for a family-friendly movie, this is not the film for you.

  • Does not bring anything

    I don't think this brings any type of Christmas joy or coal as most people haven't even heard of Russel Howard's a gert Luch Christmas. What people value individually and they cherish most is what brings Christmas joy, and coal is just a saying parents make kids believe to behave them

  • Russell Howard's A Gert Lush Christmas is a lump of coal

    Russell Howard's special "A Gert Lush Christmas" was a lump of coal, as some would say. Although the concept itself has potential, the jokes included were childish and overly sexual. Although there were moments that were funny, overall it was too immature and did not meet the expectations one has when watching BBC. The humor was indecent at best, and at times altogether too obscene.

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