Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara are expecting a baby. Are they role models for waiting until marriage?

  • Yes they are.

    Yes, celebrities Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara are serving as role models for waiting to have a child until after getting married. This is what they did, this is what is being said about them, and so, whether intentionally or not, they are serving as role models who support having children after getting married.

  • Two Parents Committed is a good thing

    The fact that anyone waits until they are married to have a child is a good thing. In a perfect scenario, it is best for a child to have two parent who love each other raising it. This doesn't take away from anyone raising a child on their own, it only states that it is good to have a mother and father in the same unit.

  • No, she already has a child.

    Ciara already had a child out of wedlock with her ex, Future. Ciara and Russell have been advocates for celibacy before marriage. However, I find it extremely tacky how public the whole process has been. I do not need to hear the aftermath on instagram and snapchat about how you finally consummated your marriage. If you wanted to cherish it so much, maybe keep some things to yourself.

  • They seem like a great stable couple worth admiring, but I'm not sure if they are at role model status.

    I don't know if they should be revered as role models on the issue, but it's nice to see celebrities in stable relationships with families. Ciara has a child by someone else she was not married to, so I don't think she'd be the poster child for "waiting until marriage", but it's still nice to see a happy couple nonetheless.

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