• Wilson has better passing stats

    How can statistics account for so little? Other than total yards, Wilson beats out Luck in almost every catagoy. Not only does Wilson deal with horrible pass protection, he has yet to have a really strong receiving corps in his career. In addition, where are the durability questions coming from? Wilson is an incredibly smart runner and seldom takes hard hits. If anything, Luck takes harder hits from the pocket.

  • Russell Wilson is better

    Russelll wilson plays for THE run heaviest team in the NFL. If you think play action always creates an opening for the passing game, well, you're wrong. Also Russell Wilson's stats are better than Andrew Luck's. The only stat that is less than Andrew Luck's is his passing yards. In Russell Wilson's career, he has thrown more touchdowns than Andrew Luck, while having less interceptions, with a higher completion percentage. I do not understand why you people think Russell Wilson is more injury prone, as most notable quarterback injuries occur IN the pocket. Sure he may rush for firsts downs, but he is always looking to pass while on the run.


    "Russell Wilson relies heavily on his defense to succeed"
    Yes, and no. At the end of the day, Russell has put up more meaningful stats than Andrew Luck

    "Andrew Luck has had an injury plagued O-Line"
    So has Russell, Russell has one of the worst Offensive line in the entire NFL.

    "Andrew Luck Has a better arm"
    Andrew luck can throw better than Russell short, but Russell has a more powerful, more accurate arm on the long (15-20+ yard) throws

    "Russell Wilson has easy time passing out of play action because of the run game"
    Really? In play action, the average amount of eligible receivers that you get are 3 (maybe 4 on a boot, because you can swing your TE out). In your average shotgun formation (what Andrew luck plays in usually) you have 4, sometimes even 5 eligible receivers.

    TL;DR Russell Wilson's current QBR is 13 points higher than Andrew Luck's.

  • Andrew Luck is better

    He is asked to do more for his team. Seahawks run on their defense and running game. Colts running game blows and depend on Luck to be their offense. Because of that I will give Luck the nod.

    Both great quarterbacks and I would be happy with either as my franchise QB

  • No, Andrew Luck is better.

    Andrew Luck is built to last for a full career based on his pocket passing style. Russell Wilson is built for the short term because he will be injury prone because he likes to run. Andrew Luck is also taller which gives him better downfield vision. Andrew Luck is also a better passer than Russell Wilson.

  • Andrew Luck is better.

    During their first seasons, both performed well but Andrew Luck had better statistics. From an overall career outlook on both of them, Andrew Luck is an obvious choice. Being a true pocket passer has always had the best success and more longevity. Russell Wilson with suffer far more injuries then Luck will.

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