Russia and Trump? Is the latest news release on Russian ties to Trump more fake news?

  • Personally, I think so.

    In terms of leaning left or right, I would say I'm fairly moderate, perhaps leaning toward the progressive side. However, I highly doubt that Russia has been involved in these elections, and that Russia has ties to Trump that is anything less than a formal relationship, is false. Trump knows what he's doing with Putin. Creating a diplomatic "friendship" to manipulate him as he pleases. Don't be fooled, Putin.

  • This latest allegations directed torward Trump are fake news.

    Apparently many in the press knew that this latest allegations against Mr. Trump were floating around. Despite knowing that they were floating around and despite knowing that no one else was running with it, Once Buzzfeed published the allegations the rest of the media piled on citing each other. Just the fact that one of the core allegations about Mr. Trumps lawyer have been proven false should give everyone pause.

  • I think it's real.

    If it wasn't real, Trump wouldn't have to deny it so much. I'm curious why most media organizations have been sitting on this for months and why they have not been able to verify it. We've seen plenty of fake news about the Democrats come to light but nothing about Trump until after the election. Everything seems rigged to me.

  • It's not fake news

    The information released was information that came from top intelligence agencies, information that has been found credible by these agencies. The fact that Trump is blaming the press again, and again claiming "fake news" shows that he has no interest in the truth about anything. He will lie about anything and everything to make someone else look bad and try to keep the focus on him at the same time.

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