Russia Arrests Top Kaspersky Lab Security Researcher on Charges of Treason. Is Putin too paranoid?

  • Yes, Putin is too paranoid.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is too paranoid to be leader of Russia. Putin has wrongly jailed many opponents on baseless suspicions, or simply just because they were his opponents. Putin shows many of the same paranoid tendencies as other dictators. In short, yes Putin is paranoid and yes he will likely end up on the ash-heap of history.

  • He might not be.

    While it can be easy to call Putin paranoid for his actions against the Lab Security Researcher, it is well-known that antivirus companies do not always have the best morals. They are in trusted with the security of thousands of PC users, both individuals and businesses. Corruption is all too possible in that business.

  • It is strict in Russia.

    Russia is not a free country. People are expected to be members of the party and behave in a way that Putin thinks is for the good of Russia. If this means cheating at the Sochi Olympics, than so be it. If Putin decides that you're guilty of treason, you don't get a trial. That's just how Russia does it.

  • No, there is enough evidence

    Ruslan Stoyanov, a top Kaspersky lab security researcher was arrested for mistakes he committed before joining Kaspersky. Putin is not paranoid, investigations have shown that Ruslan was involved in facilitating the transfer of funds from foreign companies to Sergei Mikhailov's accounts, who was the head of the Russian Secret Service (FSB) information security department.

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