• It's already a democracy. A true one as well. The issue is the problems within the democracy

    The bigger problem is that Russia has been taken, for the most part, by corruption which damns the smaller parties. Simply because one party is in majority power doesn't mean it is undemocratic. It means the party has rigged the media, within a democracy, to favour one party over the others.

    It's essentially like there only being the democrats in a liberally-biased media which enforces the idea that they are the best party. You wouldn't say we had an undemocratic system, you would say the system was bias towards one party which formed the majority. That is essentially Russia

  • There is far too much corruption.

    I do not believe that Russia will ever become a true democracy. There is far too much corruption among high level officials and too much a lust for power for true democracy to survive, were it ever to be implemented. There is still to much of past ideology present for the ideals of democracy to ever be fully realized.

  • Russia will never become a true democracy

    Russia will never become a true democracy. The country has never had a history of democracy, making it very difficult to establish one. There are corrupt influences in government and business that are benefiting from the current system. Ordinary citizens that have tried to criticize the government have had to face consequences.

  • No, Russia will never be a democratic state

    No, I think that Russia is never supposed to be a democratic country. I personally don't believe in democracy and I think that democracy is just a word for naive people. Every country is ruled by people who have the international power. Putin is just someone's marionette, as well as many other presidents.

  • No, they will not.

    Russia will not become a democracy. There is no real incentive for them to do so. To be fair, they are not they only country that is not a true democracy. In fact, the only true democracy that has ever really existed was Athens, Greece, where all citizens were required to participate when possible.

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