Russia Leaves International Criminal Court: Should countries answer to an international body?

  • Yes, countries need to be held accountable to other countries.

    Russia leaving the International Criminal Court is disturbing. It's troubling and unsafe for a country to not be held to any standard, by other countries. It's dangerous for a country to do whatever they want, without any legal checks and balances. This could easily lead to said country abusing that power, becoming aggressive, and starting some sort of conflict. If countries are held accountable by legal and non-violent means, then violent conflict can be avoided.

  • Yes, i agree.

    I agree that countries ought to answer to an international body. This is because an international body will be able to deal with the country's utmost mistakes. This includes dealing with the tough leaders who can't face the law in their own countries. Therefore, Russia was wrong to leave the International Criminal court.

  • I think countries should answer to an international body.

    If countries do not answer to an international body of sorts then what is to stop a country such as Russia from invading several countries without challenge? We inhabit this world together as a community of nations, so we must answer to one another in order to be harmonious to some extent.

  • That gets rid of autonomy.

    No country should be liable to answer to the rest of the world. All that will happen is that more corrupt and developing countries will try to take wealth from the countries that are doing well. The poorer countries shouldn't be allowed to plunder from countries that have their act together.

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