Russia May Permanently Ban Cigarettes for People Born After 2015: Is this the Right Way to Reduce Smoking?

  • Any effort by Gov. in reducing smoking is a step well taken

    Well for people like me who are in support of this step will feel it is a step in right direction because even though it may not be fully implemented or fully executed but it is a sign of our gov. taking upon the cigarette. I certainly feel there are different ways to see first from a critics perspective. We all know alcohol consumption is banned for people below 21 but we all would be laughing if we say that is totally been executed by the general public but at the same time you cannot blame the gov. as it is the general public to be blamed for it for not following up with the law.Similarly here those who find themselves against this know that people are there would not be fully following up with this ban but you should know that does not mean gov. should not act upon just like those cars do give out harmful smoke which affects not only us the humans but the environment but you would argue that cars will still be driven but that does not mean gov. should not step in to make stringent laws for car companies with regulations to allow certain minimum amount just because car wouldn't be stopped.Well, there are ways to look at it as I agree it can also cause loads of favors for minors to ask for adults to get them cigs which can lead to unusual demands by adults from the minors in return.So both pros and cons attached but still, a step by gov. for the public is not a something to be going against as long as it is for the welfare of general public.

  • Russia's cigarette ban for people born after 2015 seems like an excellent way to reduce smoking.

    Russia's cigarette ban for people born after 2015 seems like an excellent way to reduce smoking. One of the biggest problems with eliminating smoking is that many people are already addicted and have been for years or even decades. It is extremely difficult for those people to quit or to even see the value in quitting. Catching kids at a young age and creating an environment for them where cigarette smoking is a foreign concept is an excellent plan.

  • No, banning cigarettes for a certain class of people is not the right way to reduce smoking.

    Banning cigarettes for people of a certain age class is not a good way to reduce smoking. Just because these people cannot legally buy cigarettes does not mean that they won't acquire them in some other way. If someone wants to smoke, they will do whatever possible to obtain cigarettes.

  • No, a complete ban is not the best way to reduce smoking

    While it is imperative for governments to try to reduce smoking to increase public health, an outright ban is not the best way to do it. Banning people from smoking takes away personal freedom and a government ban would only make smoking seem more enticing to young people. Banning smoking in public places and streets would be a better approach.

  • Such a ban will give rise to a black market.

    I think governments should focus on stopping the manufacturing of cigarettes and then start rehabilitating those workers. This will reduce the supply of cigarettes in a gradual manner and the younger generations won't be so attracted to cigarettes because it won't be available as widely. A ban by age is not the right way at all.

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arjunsareen77 says2017-05-17T04:32:54.170
If u look at this way suppose a person born in 2017 and by 2035 he or she will be considered as an adult just like anyone born before 2015 but only because they are born after 2015 that takes away their right to smoke well that is a discrimination on part of gov. on the basis birth year.It certainly can backfire on gov. and can easily be rubbuted against.So instead of spending money on monitoring who is born after 2015 and who's not gov should spend the same money in building new rehabilitating centers and creating more awareness in youth rather putting up a complete ban.