Russia was a major factor in WWII, should they apologize for their involvement?

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  • No, that was a long time ago

    I think there are bigger issues that rose up after the decades that passed. I think Germany needed to give an apology,but Russia wasn't as bad. The thing is, its war, you can't apologize for your actions, generations after it has happened. The Russians are a stubborn bunch as well, they clung on as long as they could, and failed.

  • The Soviets Didn't Kill 6,000,000 Jews

    There's no doubt that the Soviet Union did some awful things in its history, including the pogroms against the Jews and also including Stalin's oppressive actions in the 1930s. They have plenty to apologize for. At the same time, the biggest culprit in World War II is Nazi Germany and the Soviets helped to defeat them. In fact, if the Germans had not had to fight the Soviets, keeping two fronts open, they might have been able to muster up enough force to defeat the British and Americans and that would have been completely disastrous.

  • No, they should not.

    What we really need to do is start learning from the past, and leave the worst of it behind. If Russia really wants to make up for what happened in WWII, get that dictator Putin out of office and start becoming a more progressive society that adds goodness to the world.

  • No Russia does not owe any apology for its position in World War II.

    No Russia does not owe any more of any apology for its position in World War II than any of the other allied nations do. The Russians were one of the allied powers fighting against the Germans, they were not a major factor in the start of World War II in Europe.

  • It's too late

    If Russia felt sincerely sorry for their involvement in WWII then they should have apologized from the start. It has been too many years for the apology to mean anything. Not only would it not mean anything at this point but the person or people offering the apology more than likely had nothing to do with the war in the first place so they have nothing to be sorry for.

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