Russian ambassador killed in Turkey: Will Turkey start a war with Russia?

  • Thats ww1 started

    The austro-hungarian president was killed on foreign land and thats how the first world war started. Unfortunately the greatest fucking country ever to be established lost the world war when the shit staines of the world aka the allied powers cheated and one. Thats right i love the axis powers judge me if you must i really don't care

  • It's too risky

    Right now Turkey is in a difficult situation. They are in the middle of petitioning the EU for membership, as well as trying to prove to the world they are doing their best to combat ISIS. Attempting to start a war over an assassination would be suicide for them politically.

  • Early indications from Turkey is that this is not 1914 all over again

    Turkey and Russia have a mutual interest in a joint response to the assassination of the Russian Ambassador. The two countries were able to navigate out of the recent shooting down of a Russian warplane; therefore, it is hopeful that they will be able to avert war after the most recent dust up. A century ago a similar assassination started a chain of events that led to at least two wars and resulted in the deaths of millions.

  • They do not have the power.

    In the end, Russia gets away with a lot because it is so powerful. Turkey watched what Russia did in Crimea. They just went in and took it over. Turkey knows that they are not powerful enough to stand up to Russia. It would be a fool's errand to try and fight them.

  • No, it could have been a self motivated incident.

    I believe that this shooting was the act of some kind of fanatic. A citizen of turkey who feels passionately about their beliefs. To my knowledge the Turkish and Russian governments have both chosen to ignore the incident and consider it to be provocation of some sorts to bring war.

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