Russian Ambassador to Turkey killed in Ankara: Will the recent economic and diplomatic agreements between the two countries be threatened?

  • Yes, agreements will be threatened.

    Between Russia and Turkey? For sure! The Russian population will certainly not take kindly to the fact that their ambassador was killed in Turkey. Agreements will be stalled at best in my opinion. The Russians will understandably take the tragic event personally and feel like a family member has been killed.

  • No, cooler heads will likely prevail.

    Though tragic, and definitely a shock to leaders of both nations, this incident seems to be isolated to a single disgruntled gunman. Unless significant evidence arises suggesting a larger, and more institutionalized plot, it seems unlikely there will be an immediate breakdown of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Russia. However, failure on the part of Turkey to properly investigate the incident and prosecute those responsible, relations between the two nations could become strained.

  • Things were already tense.

    The situation with Russia and Turkey was already tense to begin with. Russia has never really stopped being the U.S.S.R. They want to take the rest of Europe back over. Russia has already had a tense relationship with Turkey because Turkey has tried to keep a solid relationship with the European Union.

  • Russia knows to keep it's friends close and it's enemies closer

    While there will no doubt be some fall out from the recent assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Russia knows that it isn't in a situation to lose the allies it has. Turkey also is in a predicament at the moment due to the increase thread of ISIS in it's borders. I believe that both countries will work hard to resolve any security issues.

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