Russian bank promotes mortgages with cats: Will this spur new business?

  • Yes, it's a lucky cat.

    It's a dynamic environment, we do business in today. The cost of doing business has gone up. Hence comes the role of relating one product with another, mainly unrelated diversification projects. Like this bank linking with cat houses for renting cat. This helps the cat business houses to grow further as cat are taken as good omen in Russia.

  • Yes. Russian culture holds special place for cats in new home.

    Although home buyers without Russian backgrounds will not see a benefit to having a cat at their housewarming, the notion is quite popular and traditional among Russians. Therefore, Russians may be more likely to buy a new home if there is the possibility of a cat bringing them luck. Mostly Russians will be purchasing houses in Russia and under this bank.

  • Cats do not belong as bribes

    It appears that the 2 hours they are allotted as a promotions for lending their money from said bank would end up costing the banks in the long run. They also run into issues with hiring service to retrieve said loaned cats and pay them for picking up. It would be better money spent if they offered a lower rate incentive instead.

  • Marketing Just For Marketing's Sake Never Works

    There is some merit to the idea beyond just making news. It is apparently good luck in Russia to have a cat enter your new house first. Anyone who wants likes cats would already own a cat anyway, and don't need to added incentive of a cat borrowed for a couple of hours to get a mortgage. This is just a Russian bank trying to cover up the bad press of EU sanctions.

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