Russian bombers intercepted off coast of Alaska and California: Is this a sign of increasing Russian aggression toward the United States?

  • Yes, Russia is trying to show their military force.

    It is my belief that Russia is attempting to put itself on the world scene for military power. They have been working to establish immense resources militarily and would like America to realize their ability to execute plans of attack at any time. Due to various decisions by the United States in recent times we are now seen as a weak nation, easily thwarted and we would be a huge victory for any attacking nation. Thus, intercepting Russian bombers proves that Russia is one of the nations looking for American weaknesses to attack and they are beginning to test the limits of our patience to see what our response will be.

  • Yes, a Russian bomber is not a good sign.

    Yes, the appearance of Russian bombers is a sign of increasing aggression towards the United States. There is nothing positive or good about a Russian bomber, or any bomber of a different origin. Anyone trying to enter into a country with weapons that could destroy lives are not there with good intentions.

  • Generalisation of Russian Attitude is Unfair

    I disagree with the idea that Russian aggression is increasing towards the United States. Though there may be a small group of extremists, these are apparent in every community and do not warrant a generalisation on the nation as a whole. Quite often it is the generalising of nations which creates and maintains animosity between nations, when the communities should come together and over-power the extremists in their own country - for these are the people bringing the countries reputation down.

  • A plane with a bomb does not a "terrorist" make.

    It's very presumptuous to assume that the bombers were headed to American soil and an attempt to make a statement of war. Unfortunately, while it would require Russia dropping a bomb on American soil to make that point proven, it is irresponsible of the media to paint a picture of war relations between the two countries based on only hearsay.

  • Look at reality

    Russia has no interest in the US. Putin is just a demagogue, and those planes just got lost. A British Fighter pilot who thought he was over Iraq in 2004, when his plane malfunctioned and crash landed in Jordan. People get lost, its not an act of aggression. CALM DOWN!!

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