• Yes I think it was a factor

    There are lots of factors surrounding Hillary that contributed to her loss. I certainly think one of the contributors was dirty play, that being the Russians doing everything they could to make sure Donald got in to power. They wanted to unsettle America and want America to have a bad leader so the hacking was a good way to contribute to that goal.

  • Yes, Russian hacking contributed to Hillary Clinton's loss in the 2016 presidential election.

    Yes, Russian hacking contributed to Hillary Clinton's loss in the 2016 presidential election. Without this hacking, the country would only know about Clinton's more famous examples of lying and corruption. The new hacks exposed further lies and corruption, including her collusion with the DNC to cheat Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination.

  • The email scandals became conflated.

    The various email scandals involving Hillary Clinton seemed to merge into one in the mind's of the public and because they were being continually reported in the newspapers, often in minute detail, the public were led to believe that they were a good deal more serious than they actually were. This led to Clinton being seen as corrupt which certainly harmed her at the ballot box.

  • Biased Information was Released

    While many faults for the failure of Hillary Clinton to secure the White House lay entirely with herself and her campaign, a great assist has to go to the Russian hackers and FBI director James Comey. The biased, inflammatory and misleading partial truths unearthed as a result of those hacks fed into the negative, issue-free campaign run by Trump.

  • IF any Russian involvement, it did NOT have any effect on Hillary's loss!

    Hillary herself was the reason she lost! If you ever go thru her YouTube interviews, you'll see how she changed positions on almost everything on every interview! She did a speech in Ohio stating republicans are like terrorist! Then tried to collect republican votes who didn't want Trump! Ohioans didn't forget! Benghazi hurt her! And should've ! She lied so so so many times! Too much negative history! She tried to use race to garner the black vote and voters saw thru that! She never batted an eye about the West Virginia floods...They didn't vote for her! She was just a lying, non compassionate and power hungry skank! The only reason Trump won was he ran against her!

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