Russian doping scandal: Should performance-enhancing drugs be accepted?

  • Yes, i agree.

    First on principle – you can’t give up just because you can’t win 100% of the ‘battles’. If 50% of athletes are doping, then allowing everyone to dope just because it’s not 0% is defeatist. We don’t use that method for anything, saying that crime is out of control, let’s stop preventing crime. We should be trying to fix the system, not discard it. Now, there are situations where we can learn from the failed efforts to control a given offense X. But let’s look rather at restructuring, or changing the means, and not eliminating the effort

  • No, competitions would have no value if performance-enhancing drugs were to be used.

    Performance-enhancing drugs should never be allowed in sports competitions and there should be stricter regulations to detect these drugs on time. With these drugs, sports results would never be valid or true. It would be an outcome of the best performance of the performance-enhancing drugs, and not of the best trained athlete.

  • It is unsafe.

    Athletes should not literally have to ruin their bodies just to have a chance to compete at the highest levels in their sports. If these drugs are accepted, athletes at all levels will feel pressured to use them so that they can compete. It would be unhealthy and also expensive for athletes.

  • No, drugs used to enhance the performance of athletes should not be accepted.

    No, drugs used to enhance the performance of athletes should not be accepted. The public of all nations puts a great deal of faith in athletes, and it is the duty of these professionals to play fairly and remain on a level playing field with those they are competing with.

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