Russian hackers: Are usernames and passwords impossible to protect on the Internet?

  • Username and password safety is becoming more of a question of "for how long?"

    Any system can be broken with enough time and resources. As the Internet grows, our systems for defending our identity, how much we can trust others to do so, and for how long is constantly changing.
    As more large scale secure breaches occur of user names and other confidential information, many feel that there information is only secure for a short period of time. Several years ago it was the paranoid and those up to no good that would create disposable accounts for a single use and then have them disabled or discarded. With the ever increasing ease that hackers have to our personal information, and the ever growing costs of having it taken, more people are feeling that being a little paranoid is now practical common sense.

  • Unsernames are impossible to protect

    Passwords and usernames are quite impossible to protect on the Internet. Every thing on the Internet is connected in one way or another. There are all kinds of things such as key loggers and viruses that jeopardize our security. Hackers can be very skilled in retaining our private information off of the web.

  • Information is never safe in cyberspace

    This has gotten out of control with hackers. As human beings, we should assume nothing online is safe. Not only from Russian hackers but any hacker in general. If the government can access our information, what is to stop anyone from doing so. There has yet to be a fail safe way to protect information on the Internet no matter how big or small.

  • No they are not

    Usernames and passwords are not impossible to protect on the internet. Making a password that is fairly long and complicated can make it virtually impossible to hack. Internet users need to be careful where they store their passwords. They also need to change them frequently. Taking these steps will insure their accounts don't get hacked.

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