Russian plane crash victims: Should Russia compensate the families of the victims?

  • Yes, Russia should compensate the families of the victims of this tragic event

    Yes, Russia should compensate the families of the victims of this tragic event. Many Russian families may have lost the breadwinner of the family which makes the death of a loved one even more tragic. Families may have to struggle if not compensated after burying their family member. The government should help financially.

  • It was their plane

    As the plane belonged to the Russian government, they should definitely compensate the families of the poor souls who lost their lives. The planes maintenance and security was down to the Russian government, and therefore the well-being of those on board was their as well. At the minimum, their funerals should be covered.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Such a sad news, so many talented singers and people with brilliant lives lost so young! I am glad the Banks are working to alleviate the suffering of the families. The Government should pay compensation to the families of everybody on that flight based on liability for the fact their military was using a 34-year-old unairworthy plane which developed a critical fault. It`s not their job to pressurize companies to do it for PR reasons.

  • It was an accident.

    The crash was an accident. It is a shame, but it wasn't necessarily the fault of the government. There are other people that die in tragic ways. There is no way for all of the victims of these accidents to receive fair compensation. It's not fair for some victims to receive compensation but not others.

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