• Nuclear power worth the risk

    Nuclear power plant leaks are one of the worst forms of man made disasters, which costs lives and severe health and environmental damage. Unlike natural disasters such disasters can be averted but accidents do happen, and the point is whether nuclear power is worth the risks. Politically and from a defense perspective it would be necessary but at the expense of health, safety and the environment.

  • Yes it is

    In today's world, we have the technology to have safe nuclear power. There will always be some risks, but we live in a time when we can contain the majority of these risks. Nuclear power is absolutely worth the risks. I think only certain nations have the ability to make the risks worthwhile.

  • A Failed Technology

    Solar electrical power, wind power, and cleaner natural gas are making a mockery of nuclear's "electricity too cheap to meter".

    Nuclear power is unsafe, leaves million year waste that will cost trillions to secure over centuries. The bankers are finally convinced nuclear is dead, dead, dead. Just like the millions of people in the world who are now dead after shortened lives caused by nuclear fallout (military and power plants).

  • Human health is in danger

    Anything that can affect human health in bad way is no good. There are so much other energy sources that are more healthy and less dangerous, like wind and water power. Use them instead. Keep people away from radiation and other negative health influences. Health should be number one priority.

  • Not Worth It

    I honestly think that nuclear power could cause a lot more harm than good, and that it shouldn't have been invented. In the wrong hands it can be tragic and devistating, and it can cause a lot of damage world wide. Plus it can really affect the environment that the governments should be focusing on defending instead of harming.

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