Russian vs. Georgian justifications in 2008 South Ossetia war: Did Georgia (yes) or Russia (no) commit genocide in South Ossetia?

  • Yes, the land was under Russian control.

    Yes, Georgia committed genocide in South Ossetia, because both Russia and Georgia agreed that the area of South Ossetia would remain under Russian control. Although a great many of the people living in South Ossetia were Georgian, both governments agreed that Russia would continue to control that area. Georgia later decided not to stand by its agreement, so it is responsible for the genocide in the area.

  • No genocide happened

    In a quest to stop all wars and preserve all human life, academia and many international bodies (especially the UN) has taken to ignoring the meanings of many words. Genocide does not mean 'a few people from a certain group were killed' A genocide is the targeted and intentional attempt to destroy a race or ethnic group of people, something that most certainly did not happen during the 2008 war.

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