Russian vs. Georgian justifications in 2008 South Ossetia war: Does S. Ossetia deserve independence because Kosovo got it?

  • Yes, South Ossetia Deserves Independence

    South Ossetia deserves independence,but not really because another place (Kosovo) got it. And Kosovo, for that matter, is not fully independence - it's being administered by the UN. Any place deserves to be independent, if its people choose to be independent. If Texas wants to leave the USA, then so be it. If any person wants to be free of the state, for that matter, then let them free. "Consent of the govern" doctrine is a farce.

  • No, S. Ossetia does not deserve independence because of Kosovo.

    Each area is different. You cannot compare apples to oranges. S. Ossetia is essentially a different situation than Kosovo. Kosovo does deserve its independence. S. Ossetia has not really done enough to show that it deserves its independence in the way Kosovo did. S. Ossetia has some work to do.

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