• Sure it is.

    And always will be; because Russia is so much loving the US; it is a nice lovely country, they both are: the US and the RF (Russian Federation); thus they are just made for each others; created by God's Will to be loving each other; yeah, great; ok ok ok

  • Russia is still communist.

    No, Russia is not a friend of the United States, because they are giving shelter to Snowden, as well as hacking our internet. Also, the Boston Bombers were born and bred in Russia. They put up a good community image front, but behind it all they are our enemies and still hate our way of life.

  • Now, let me say this...

    I've been following the recent stories coming out of the country, and I will say this: Russia's form of government is alot different than that of the U.S. but IMO our government is just as bad if you're looking from the outside. It's just sad that when people here in the States talk about Russia or vodka, everyone turns a blind eye or looks away in disgust. I don't know. I just hate how this world is turning out where everyone instantly puts the blame on one single person for their actions; or making assumptions.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Russia is not our friend

    I do not believe that the country of Russia is a friend of the United States of America. When our privacy is compromised and the accounts and personal information of our citizens are comporomised by the hackers of Russia than no I do not believe they can possibly be friends of ours.

  • No,I think Russia is always on the verge of being an enemy.

    No,I think Russia is always on the verge of being an enemy. Ever since the soviet union fell I think Russia has felt a deep mistrust of the west. I don't think the Russian government and some of the people are very fond of the united states today. I think they will always be a little hostile.

  • Russia will not be a friend of the US in our lifetime

    There is too much very recent history for Russia to become best friends with the USA. The cold war lasted a long time and is still with a lot of Americans. The laws of America tilt towards capitalism and away from socialism, how can a country that has this written into their justice system ever feel they can be friends with a country whose existence entirely opposes what they believe?

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