• Yes yes yes

    Ryan Seacrest is kind-of like that annoying little voice you can't get out of your head. He's Everywhere! It all had to start with American Top 40, a show that HAD a great history only to be tarnished with celebrity gossip and trash music. Now he's on billboards, celebrity television channels. This guy's a-fricking-noying

    Posted by: S.K
  • Yes, I have had enough of him.

    It seems like nowadays he is hosting every event and is at every awards show. I don't find him particularly endearing and I don't think he is funny so I wish he would be around less often. I am not interested in his new show and I will not be tuning in when it comes on.

  • I've had enough of Seacrest.

    I can't handle more than ten minutes of any Seacrest show, so without really having any Seacrest, I have already reached my maximum capacity. The rest of the country though, obviously feels differently. Although I wouldn't watch his programming, I applaud the man and his clever ability to create television that leaves the country swooning.

  • You can definately get enough!!!

    I think that there is way more Ryan Seacrest then most people want to see. I find him overly annoying and that he is everywhere. I wish he would back off more instead of getting involved in more and more things. I always feel like he is getting pushed down my throat so I definitely have had enough.

  • Not my Cup of Tea

    I personally find Ryan style a little cheesy and predictable. He is really not my cup of tea. This may be attributed partially to me being British, I know nothing of the USA celebrities other than when I see them on tv, so perhaps I am not aware of some of his work. On tv shows I have watched him presenting, I do not see anything extraordinary about him.

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