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  • Ending a life for 'RELIGION' is unreligious

    I don't understand why people in India connect devotion and
    Spirituality with a sacrifice and that too by taking a valuable life... .
    It is indeed inhumane..... Be it a Hindu , Muslim , or any other person
    I don't think if any other religion promotes the killing of innocence,
    A precious life, for showing devotion...All this might be a farce for
    Some people but it is actually a matter to be pondered upon.
    I would advise such people to believe in Goodness first, then their
    Devotion to god will automatically be proved.
    We all should try to bring about a change in the right direction so
    That such immoral tasks done on 'religious' grounds should be
    Prohibted....Instead, we can go for another option and that is to
    Do something for the needy and that I think will be the best taken
    For religion as well as HUMANITY..

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