Safe injection sites for heroin addicts: Should the public fund injection galleries for heroin addicts?

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  • The public should not fund injection galleries for heroin addicts.

    The public should absolutely not und injection galleries for heroin addicts. This is because heroin is a narcotic that destroys health, families, neighborhoods, and promotes violence through it's existence. Although heroin addiction is an extremely unpleasant thing to beat, and often can't be, there should be absolutely no support in it's use on addicts whatsoever.

  • No, Safe injection sights only cause clean addiction.

    Clean injection sights that have been opened for heroin addicts have yet to show a decrease in the amount of heroin being used or the amount of people that have been rehabilitated. The injection galleries have cut down the number of deaths yes, but has done nothing to cut the addiction or rehabilitate the addicts. The public has absolutely no need to pay for an addicts next hit when due to the economy a lot of families are struggling simply to pay for their families next meal.

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