SAG Awards: Should there be red-carpet awards for everyday hard-working Americas, like best trucker or insurance agent?

  • There should be some kind of awards

    There should be awards like that for the working-class, so they can be kept motivated; something like what Warsaw Pact countries used to do. But it is up to the trade unions and workers' association and/or companies to ensure that such recognitions are made. This will in turn motivate others to perform better.

  • Hardworking Americans deserve red-carpet awards

    No matter what your vocation is, I strongly believe that a red-carpet award should be granted for those that are doing the best work in their field. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, writer, trucker, insurance agent, teacher, financial wizard or any of the hundreds of other occupations, each career should support their workers and provide them incentives to be the best they can be. The red-award is a great and novel way of approaching this issue.

  • Why would I want to be publically recognized for doing a job well?

    Getting a raise for hard, honest labor is more rewarding and much more sensible. I honestly don't care about celebrities lives or what rewards they get. I don't even know who the American Idol was this year because I don't care. I don't need empty fame for prospering economically. Sorry.

  • That sounds dumb

    People don't flood theatres to watch home video of the every day person go to work and come home to mow the lawn. I know it seems conceded but us everyday folks don't do anything special to get a red carpet award. We choose to create fame and money for hollywood actors as an escape for our lives and thats why they get awards.

  • No, leave the grandeur of the red carpet for celebrities.

    With reality shows and viral videos, America is polluted enough with people seeking their 15 minutes of fame. I most definitely think hard working Americans deserve recognition, but not in the form of a red carpet award ceremony. That would just make the recipients temporarily "famous", which means they'd probably shop around for reality shows, etc. There's something grand and glamorous about the red carpet. Let's just leave that to the celebrities and find a way to honor hard workers by other means than fame.

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