Saginaw teen charged with rape: Should minors charged with crimes as adults be identified in the press?

  • Yes, because they get equal treatment under the law.

    Although judges and district attorneys should be cautious in doing so, youthful offenders charged as adults should be identified in the press for the safety of the public just as adult offenders are. Rape is not boosting hubcaps or joyriding, and if the charges are found credible and brought, then even a teenager must be identified. However, should the charges be proved false, then authorities must do whatever they can to help the teen start over in a new place, just as is done with adults.

  • It is still public information.

    For the people that live near this teenager, they need to know that they need to keep their families safe. Ultimately, what the child did is still a crime. Other parents need to keep their families safe and in order to do this they need information. These children are old enough to be held accountable for their actions.

  • All criminals should be identified

    Adult or not, if you commit a crime and are arrested, your name should be a matter of public record. I can understand that sometimes a juvenile doesn't make the best choices, but chances are that if they have committed a crime, they may very well be a danger to the public. This isn't always the case, and we shouldn't just assume that any person who commits a crime is a future threat, but we can't safely say they won't be either.

  • Minors charged with crimes as adults should not be identified in the press

    Minors charged with crimes as adults should not be identified in the press unless the victim is also identified. Our constitution guarantees innocent until proven guilty. Identifying allegedly criminals clearly brands them as criminals. Meanwhile, somebody who throws out a charge of rape or any other crime gets a free pass.

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