Saket Soni: A 36-year-old Indian immigrant and the future of work: Is 17 meetings a day too much?

  • Employers make demands.

    17 meetings a day is too many for any person. A person needs to be able to relax at work and have time to think. When a person has that many meetings in a day they aren't able to focus. In the end, they will be more likely to make mistakes. A workload should be reasonable.

  • 17 meeting is crazy

    I applaud Soni for embracing the American dream. He has just taking it to level of crazy. He is proving his point and making his mark and for that he will succeed. But 17 meetings a day will result in a fast burn out. He could however teach a lot of people a thing or two about work ethic.

  • Yes it is

    Well first off, it depends on the length of the meetings. If they are mostly just a few minutes then it is no problem. However if they are hour, or even half hour meetings, then this will be very hard to keep up with. This person would soon get burned out!

  • Yes, it is.

    He even admitted that it was way too many meetings. I don't understand how a person would be that productive after all those meetings. There wouldn't even be any time to eat or even sit down. I also think in corporate America there are too many meetings and coference calls and not enough work actually getting done.

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